Meet the pedElle riders: Jen Ross & Claire Treanor

We're really looking forward to pedElle 2021, which will take place in Cumbria - the first UK-based pedElle ever - in September. pedElle was the brainchild of Claire Treanor, Treanor Consulting, and Jen Ross, JenRoss Consulting, and this will be its ninth iteration. In this post, they pass on some of the wisdom learned through their many years of cycling and highlight some of the benefits that being part of pedElle brings. 


Tell us a little bit about you and your job role:

Both of us have been in the property world for a very long time - we met as graduates, probably before many on the ride were born!  Over the years we’ve helped set up niche urban design/planning/development consultancies - Jen at Tibbalds and Claire at DP9.  Now we work independently as planning consultants. Jen is still working flat out on a whole range of planning projects, sitting on design review panels, taking up a couple of NED roles and mentoring younger planners. Claire has been winding down but continues to act for some charities and arts groups.  


Having started pedElle and done all of them, what’s the one piece of advice you’d pass on to new riders?

Hmm…only one! Make sure your bike is properly sized, a bike fit is a really good idea; buy great shorts and get used to them; and get a great saddle. Comfort is crucial!


How are you approaching training?

We’ve been rather slow off the starting block this year but now combining regular rides with spinning, and as much yoga and swimming as we can manage to get some good stretching in… relying very much on muscle memory!


What are you most looking forward to about riding in Cumbria?

We can’t wait to be in this part of the country, and we are expecting some spectacular scenery.  The different format with smaller groups and circular routes may make the ride more intimate than usual, which will be fun. We have mixed views on the hills!


What are you looking forward to least?

Sorry to sound very British but the uncertain weather!


How are you connecting with other pedElle riders?

We’ve been lucky enough to make many close and supportive friends over nine years of pedElle and through the various events that have taken place in-between - both on and off the saddle - and including work collaborations. Some of these friendships will be life-long. PedElle really is a community, and the legacy continues to grow.  It is pretty awesome.  


How does the charity element of the ride keep you motivated?

This is a really important reminder of the extreme challenges and difficulties that some children have to face from birth.  Coram does incredible work, and knowing that we’re helping in a small way does push the body to keep the pedals spinning.  

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