We're really looking forward to pedElle 2021, bringing together women in property to cycle, network and fundraise after a two-year hiatus. Our generous sponsors are helping to make this year's Cumbrian-based event really special, and we're talking to some of their riders to find out what they're most looking forward to about this year's event, along with some of their top tips.

In this post, we talk to Rebecca Hampson, Senior Planner at DP9. You can sponsor Rebecca and her colleagues Georgina and Alex here.


Tell us a little bit about you and your job role:

I am based in central London as a Chartered Town Planner with five years’ experience. I joined DP9 in 2019. I advise on a variety of residential, commercial and mixed-use projects across London and have gained experience of complex masterplans involving phased permissions.


Have you done pedElle before:

No, this will be my first time! I am very excited.


If no, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given (or heard/read) to prepare for the ride?

As a mainly solo cyclist, to practice group riding and watch some YouTube videos on etiquette.


How are you approaching training?

Trying to get out on my bike as much as I can through commuting and dedicating weekends for longer rides. I also have a few cycle/camping trips planned to get used to the consecutive days.


What are you most looking forward to about riding in Cumbria?

Tackling some mountain passes and the views.


What are you looking forward to least?

Falling over in my cleats which will be inevitable...


How are you connecting with other pedElle riders?

We have a dedicated WhatsApp group which spurs me on and is a fantastic resource to get advice from.


How does the charity element of the ride keep you motivated?

Being grateful that my body can do the distance and the opportunity this has given me to support Coram’s work for vulnerable children.

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