In summary: In the peloton with... Caren Hartley, ISEN Workshop

For our latest "In the Peloton With...." webinar with Velocity Magazine, we were joined by Caren Hartley of ISEN Workshop.

During the webinar, Caren talked about how she started Hartley Cycles after training as a jeweller, her ISEN collaboration, how difficult it has been to get hold of materials, the kinds of bikes that people are asking for and what's involved in a build process. She also gave us a tour of the ISEN workshop, as well as showing us some photos of some completed bike builds. 

Find out more about ISEN bikes on their website and Instagram

You can watch a snippet of the video below, and Club Peloton members can watch the full webinar here. If you're not a member, it's free and quick to register. You can do so here.


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