David Taylor, editor of Velocity Magazine and New London Quarterly, talks to us about his 1500 challenge:

"I decided to ride a total of 1500 minutes over the allotted period (15 March-27 June) on as many different bikes I could (legally) get my hands on. 
In the end I managed just over 4,000 minutes and around 1250km (yay), most recently adding a massive amount of joy to that total via the Five Ferries Ride in Scotland with lots of lovely Club Peloton folk and some glorious scenery. And whisky.
That was on my Pinarello (the ride, not the booze), while there were many sessions on Zwift on the Lynskey/Planet X, which is stuck in my office, sulking, a pootle or two on Brighton Hire Bikes (an excellent scheme), a tootle or two on my son’s Decathlon (B’twin) racer, another comical sesh on my daughter’s Frog Hybrid, many London worky trips on the trusty Brompton, gravel bike loveliness (Boardman cheapy from Ebay) in places like the New Forest with Chris Atkins, and the Downs Link with others, and many, many expeditions on the utterly glorious South Downs Way on the On One MTB.
All in all, it’s been a very enjoyable blast and a good excuse to get out on the bike(s) – thanks very much to all my sponsors, and Club Peloton.
What’s next (apart from a new bike)?"


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