In summary: In the peloton with the Ugandan Zwift Team

Last Friday, we and Velocity Magazine were joined by Sam Mutton and Rafael Otim from the Ugandan Zwift Team. Sam moved to Uganda in 2019 with his wife Chloe, where they set up a cycle tour company as a way to raise funds for Joy For Children and Communities, a foundation which focuses on community development projects that empower and provide for women, children and youth in some of Kampala’s slum communities. 

To bypass the infrastructure, pollution, safety, education and stigma challenges that cyccling in Ugandan cities presents, Sam, a keen road cyclist, acquired a turbo trainer and begin riding on Zwift, and quickly realised the vastly untapped potential that it represented. He began using Zwift as a platform for training and development, from the ground up, of a competitive Ugandan cycling program, the Ugandan Zwift Team and team, the Masaka Cycling Club.

Sam and team captain Rafael Otim talked to us about the challenges of cycling in Kampala, the beauty of the rest of the country, the perceptions of a bicycle as a workhorse rather than as a means for recreation and sport, gender inequalities in cycling and the development projects that Joy For Children carries out.

Find out more about cycling in Uganda with JFC Tours here.  You can watch a snippet of the video below, and Club Peloton members can watch the full webinar here. If you're not a member, it's free and quick to register. You can do so here.



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