Last Friday, we and Velocity Magazine were joined by John Forbes of John Forbes Consulting LLP for our first ever webinar on rollers. From his idyllic Welsh setting, this wide-ranging interview covered everything from changes to the currect investment funds model - crucial for urban regeneration - to John's 41-year cycling background, when he joined High Wycombe CC in 1982.

Along the way we learned about the impact COVID has had on the world of real estate investment, as well as enjoying some cycling highlights from John's past including leaving his wedding ceremony on a tandem dressed in Edwardian cycling kit to being photographed in front of the T-Mobile tour bus with the whole family (kids in the tandem tagalong) wearing the Mario Cipollini Acqua & Sapone zebra cycling kit during the Tour de France.

You can watch a snippet of the video below, and Club Peloton members can watch the full webinar here. If you're not a member, it's free and quick to register. You can do so here.


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