Kate Flynn, Lettings Director at JLL, tells us about her 1500 challenge.

"I have to admit to feeling a bit guilty about promoting ‘The 1500’ challenge as a good deed, it reminds me of the episode of Friends where Phoebe and Joey debate if a selfless good deed exists!

The reason I say this is that selfishly I get a lot out of my cycling and I have JLL and Club Peloton to thank for that, so the least I can do is try and raise money whilst doing something that has kept me going throughout the pandemic.  I was a novice to cycling when I got into the JLL team for PedElle in 2019 (think falling off my bike whilst trying to cycle uphill using cleats kind of novice!) and the extremely patient and supportive team leaders on PedElle managed to get me to a standard where I was capable of cycling 400km around the Italian hills.

Last year I finally took the plunge and joined a local club, slightly scared I would never be able to keep up with a group of mainly male riders with far more experience than me.  However, they have been nothing but supportive and taken my cycling to the next level.  I am keen to promote and get more people into cycling as both mentally and physically I think it is very therapeutic, and the pandemic has only accentuated the need for all of us to focus on taking time out to look after ourselves.  The cycling community is also one of the most diverse and inclusive group of people I have come across.    

I love that Club Peloton has come up with such an innovative and inclusive way for us all to raise funds for a fantastic cause and although my 1500 isn’t innovative like many others, it is a challenge none the less.  So from 15 March and over the course of the 15 weeks I will be cycling 1,500km – hopefully mostly outside but if the British weather is anything to go by then I imagine a lot might also be on the turbo trainer! 

I’d encourage anyone to get involved from novice to experienced rider, we still have a long road ahead despite the vaccine and this is exactly the kind of fun challenge to keep us occupied whilst we count down to some sort of normality."

To find out more about The 1500 and get involved, sign up here.

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