Our “In the peloton with…” speaker series, in partnership with Velocity Magazine, kicked off with an interview with Mike Axon, Vectos. In an online, on bike interview, Mike spoke to Velocity's Toby Fox and David Taylor about the Settlements of the Future. Explaining what mobility looked like pre-COVID and how it has been altered by COVID, Mike then explored how planning needs to adapt so we create the spaces, places and means of transport to develop people-focused developments.

Watch a snippet of the video here: Vectos_webinar_snippet.mp4. Members can view the full webinar and presentation here. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up here: https://clubpeloton.org/signup.

During the talk, Mike also discussed:

The rise of the third place - another location to meet colleagues locally, between home working and days in the office 

Changing habits in deliveries and movement of goods 

New settlements and what they might look like

We’re really excited to welcome Sinéad Conneely to the next “In the peloton with…” and finding out more about Bike Lines London, a new initiative to get more people in London cycling. Sign up for the event here.

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