This week, we’ve been reminiscing about some of our best times on the bike. Here’s what some of the Club Peloton community had to say… 

David Taylor and Toby Fox, Velocity Magazine

“This pic encapsulates for me and my fellow Velocity founder Toby Fox what cycling is all about. We’re at the top of the Tourmalet, with a bunch of good pals – many of them known to the Club Peloton family – and we are clearly filled with the happiness that a bit of sun, a lot of exercise and good camaraderie can bring. Oh, and we have the descent to come, too. BONUS.”

Samantha McClary, EG

“One (of many) of my proudest cycling moments is this. This was only day 2 of The Challenge [Sam’s 1,100 mile journey running and cycling from Edinburgh to London in 2014] but this was the day that broke and made me all at once. I will never forget it. 200 miles up many hills after a 40+ mile run the day before and I still had 13 more days to go.”

Nick Hanmer, Club Peloton

“In 2018, my son Zach and I cycled 312km in three days from Farnham to Paris: most of the way in torrential rain, despite the fact that it was August. Arriving at the Eiffel Tower was a special moment for us both.”

Kate Gordon, Aspire/Club Peloton

“Being given a police motorcycle escort through the centre of a heaving Rome on a busy Saturday afternoon was a surreal experience. Arriving safely at the Vatican with 49 other pedElle riders was a standout way to finish the ride, which included being part of this awesome team of Ride Captains.”

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