Knight Frank Cycle to MIPIM daily update - Friday's London to Brighton

On Friday 6th March, Terry Crawford from Team Lockton led a 200km ride from London to Brighton via Rye. Here's what happened, in his words: 

"In the words of one of our riders, this was Type 1 Fun. An epic day out for ten riders, kicking off from sunny East Croydon, we made our way to Westerham and carried on up Toys and down into the swamp that was Leigh, Ensfield Road was indeed, impassable.

What happened thereafter will live long in the memories of these riders. Let’s just say, for the record, that there isn’t a gravel path around Bewl Water.  Heading on through Flimwell we picked up speed arriving in Rye for a well-deserved food stop.

From there, six (the brave and the foolish) headed on to Brighton. In true Club Peloton spirit the group worked together to overcome the one mechanical of the day on the climb up to Fairlight before heading down into Hastings, and Eastbourne before the light faded.

The day finished with a classic night ride from Lewes with most of the riders running on fumes by this time. We arrived into Brighton just in time to have a celebratory pint with the locals."

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