Knight Frank Cycle to MIPIM Rider Profiles: Chris Dyson, Chris Dyson Architects

Chris Dyson is founder and owner of Chris Dyson Architects and a veteran of many Cycle to MIPIMs. Some of you may remember (and may still be wearing) his gloves from 2018. 

What’s your job title and what do you do? 
I am the founder / owner of Chris Dyson Architects, now 15 years young and flourishing…

Tell us a bit about your involvement with Cycle to MIPIM.
I have been riding for six years and first met the enthusiastic Christian Spencer Davies, who was considerate and helpful and through several rides and in particular with my son Oliver. I came to enjoy a sport I had lost touch with when the pressures of family life kicked in at 28 years old.

In what way is your company involved?
Are they supportive of the challenge? We are proud to be team sponsors this year. In previous years I have sponsored fingerless mitts and had our logo on the bus – the mitts are very popular with riders years after the rides …

How do you value the networking and/or business benefits you get from the ride? 
I enjoy it as it seems natural and I meet a diverse group of people. My practice is quite bespoke, so I don’t expect to pick up work immediately. It’s more a matter of trust and time… a bit like riding a bike.

What draws you back every year? 
The pull is the friendships, the spirit of the ride and the scenery. This year I am on the Girona to Cannes ride, which looks awesome. We are all very much in it together for each other – it is not easy but then the best things in life are never easy.

Name three things that no one ever tells you about Cycle to MIPIM...
How difficult it can be to juggle socialising and getting enough sleep! Getting up in the mornings, the first 30 minutes of the first ride of the day , oh and stretching and using the foam roller, to name but a few.

What does fundraising for Cycle to MIPIM’s charities mean to you? 
Fundraising gives the ride a great sense of purpose over and above the business of networking. I’ve done yoga group classes with some of my favourite instructors, for example who so kindly donated their time and we made delicious food for lunch with talks, which was all very memorable and fun.

What has been the most effective way to boost your fundraising efforts? 
Be creative: think of things people around you like to do and build around this. It will be different for each of us. Try not to tap the same people all the time. Stretch your imagination. Go to suppliers who benefit from you and not always your clients.

How do you plan to celebrate once you’ve reached Cannes? 
A few drinks and some pizza! Then a long shower, and then party – my second wind usually kicks in around then!


Now for the quick fire questions: 

  • What bike do you ride? I have a few (which is useful when one needs repair)! A Pearson Hammer and Tongs and a new titanium addition made by Pretorius, a Hackney-based one man design studio who moved out to Australia with his family. I have assembled the bike with the help of my son Oliver into a lovely unique thing of beauty 
  • Who are your riding buddies? The group grows every year - the list is endless really. Timo Haedrich, Tim Lucas, Jonathan Clark, Timothy Everest,  John Nordon, Ben Cousins, Matt Fairman, Nicola Gordon, JJ Lorraine, Sarah Carey, Dan Campbell, Jerry Tate, Andrew Scoones, Allan Dunsmore, Terry Crawford, Toby Fox, James Morgan, Joe Morris, Christian Spencer Davies and Elena.
  • What’s your favourite pre-ride fuel? Porridge oats and bananas, perhaps 2 boiled eggs and toast  in the morning - actually anytime of day! Keep it simple. Make some rolls from the cheese and ham available at the hotel breakfasts - that always goes down a treat about mid-morning on the ride.
  • What’s your favourite post-ride treat? Pizza and a beer… I’m usually craving restorative carbs!
  • What’s your top piece of cycling kit/gadget? My old Rapha gilet in black and white - it’s so light and flexible, easy to get on and off. Good socks are also important to me. I treat myself to a fresh new pair each day of the ride. Good gloves appropriate for the weather - I have three sets: thick and warm, insulated and fingerless for different weather conditions. And I recently bought a vibrating roller for my sore legs and back… now that works like a dream!



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