There’s just four weeks to go until the Legal & General Real Assets Cycle to MIPIM 2019 departs London for Cannes via Folkestone or Portsmouth. We’re meeting four of the riders: three who are participating in the ride for the first time, and one who is a familiar presence, to give their perspectives on what they are looking forward to about the event, and what it means for the wider property industry to have an improved balance of male and female riders out on the road.

First up, it’s Nisha Kerai, who is a Senior Asset Manager at Legal & General Real Assets.

  • Why did you decide to sign up for Cycle to MIPIM this year?

I like to have side projects or challenges that provide me with a good work-life balance. I started working for Legal & General last year and the Cycle to MIPIM training seemed like a great opportunity to get to know my new colleagues better while providing the perfect evening accompaniment to my day-to-day mission of launching great Built to Rent assets. I was also looking forward to the wider benefits of getting fitter, meeting lots of people across the industry and raising money for a cause that has such a great mission statement.

  • What are you most daunted by?

I am most concerned about injury both during training and the six-day event itself. London traffic is a particular fear of mine during training (having had nightmares about it many times since signing up!). To overcome this, I have been seeing a trainer to keep me strong and practising the art of selective hearing to drown out the sound of car horns.  

  • What has been the most help to you in the run-up to the event? 

I am really encouraged by all the advice and encouragement from my colleagues and wider network. They seem to have great faith in my abilities, even at times when I am lying on the side of the road with my bike on top of me, covered in grazes. I have also been really pleased with the quantity of food and sugar that I am allowed to consume with no negative consequences.

  • What would you most like to experience on the ride?

Previous participants were impressed with the organisation of the event and have reassured me that I will feel like a professional athlete, which I am very much looking forward to. I am also excited to see more of the country’s remote views and hope this will act as a strong painkiller or energy booster. I hear that the event is a great bonding experience and hope to meet some amazing people.

  • What does having a more balanced peloton (improved female to male ratio) mean for the peloton?

There are physiological differences between male and female cycling abilities. Having a more balanced peloton allows people of all abilities, including complete novices like myself, to participate without feeling disheartened that they may not be able to keep up and therefore miss out on the wider networking benefits of a bonding experience such as this. Our industry needs to have more inclusive events that attract a wider range of people and over time hopefully improve the diversity of the industry and its senior management levels.


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