Update from recent CLOCS meeting to make roads safer

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As part of its ongoing involvement with CLOCS, CYCLE TO… attended a meeting in London on 10th July 2014 with construction industry leaders which redrew the safety boundaries to reduce the number of collisions between trucks and vulnerable road users.

CYCLE TO.. is now involved in one of the CLOCS work streams, focusing on how construction companies can help make vehicles and drivers safer and improving how cycling is promoting with companies.

At Thursday’s meeting, industry members spoke about the safety improvements they are making to their operations and how the construction industry is leading the drive to improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, including the design of safer trucks and the launch of the ‘CLOCS Manager’ trial to enable the construction industry to log, collate and share road safety data to improve road safety.

Click here to read the full release: http://www.clocs.org.uk/construction-industry-redraws-safety-boundaries-to-protect-cyclists-2/.

For more on CYCLE TO…’s involvement with CLOCS, see http://clubpeloton.org/index.php/cycle-safety/.



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