The Construction Industry Cycling Commission

Charlotte Hendry

The Construction Industry Cycling Commission (CICC) was set up after the death of Francis Golding in 2013 to carry out research that would ascertain why the number of cycling fatalities in the capital is so high. Working closely with other safety organisations, its aims are to reduce this number to zero.

Cycling Commission Logo

Peter Murray, founder of the property industry’s toughest bike ride, the eleventh edition of which will roll out of London this March as The Legal & General Cycle to MIPIM, is, along with other Club Peloton alumni, a member of the CICC.

The work the Commission does revolves around designing and building safer cities for walking and cycling. The CICC has drawn up a ten-point manifesto for change, which can be found here. One of the aims is for the industry to adopt the CLOCS standard, something which Club Peloton has long been an active promoter of, and which it continues to support.

The Cycling Commission is a great initiative founded by a group of truly passionate industry associates who are striving for making travel safer on our streets, and they deserve our support.

Find out more on the CICC website