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At Club Peloton, we aim to cover three bases for all riders on our events: cycling, networking and fundraising. Many of you have ridden with us before, and you know that spending hours together in the saddle is a great way to form great friendships. Over the years, it has been proven to form many a successful business relationship too.
Here’s how some of our riders have found networking on Club Peloton events to have benefitted them and their businesses:

“In my experience, Cycle to MIPIM is the best networking for any property professional. There is something about cycling across France that creates a unique environment for networking. From the early starts, the varying weather conditions, to the late finishes in the dark – and of course – the cycling itself, creates a challenge that brings everyone together. You get to know your fellow riders very well and from this, great friendships and great working relationships are born.”
Roger Madelin CBE, Head of Canada Water Development, British Land

“PedElle is a wonderful opportunity to meet industry leaders and making connections. The relationships I have formed during my bike rides with Club Peloton have been fruitful both personally and professionally. They have led to many successful collaborations.”
Sadie Morgan, Director, dRMM Architects

“I have ridden to MIPIM eight times and each one has been a fantastic opportunity to meet existing contacts in the industry and to meet new ones.  Cycling is a great way to break down barriers so I continue to take out people I met on the way to MIPIM out on informal rides since and through that some of them have become clients of mine, or clients of my clients.  On the ride to MIPIM you are thrown together for six days so you end up talking to pretty much everyone en route and at meal times. If you are keen to meet someone, during the day there is nowhere really for them to hide from you other than the toilet on the bus. I am sure Bill Hughes from Legal & General was resorting to that by the end to avoid me.”
John Forbes, John Forbes Consulting 

“Opera was founded less than a month prior to me, nervously, embarking on my very first major cycle ride: Cycle to MIPIM. Since 2013 both have never looked back. And I thought it was just going to be a serious physical and mental challenge. Wrong! From those initial, heady days, cycling with Club Peloton has also become totally synonymous with networking.
Participation in numerous events has forged extensive business connections and friendships across the full spectrum of professional disciplines and seniorities. Some of those relationships have generated substantial commissions and work, winning opportunities through connections made in or closely associated with rides, training sessions, social events and social media.
Geoff Heppell, Chairman, Opera

“There is no question that Cycle to MIPIM has been part of the fabric of Symmetrys’ growth. Since we started doing Cycle to MIPIM seven year ago we have direct correlation with work won as a result of meeting other like-minded people on the rides.  The ride has opened doors that we wouldn’t normally be able to open and created some amazing friendships.  In many ways it has become like six degrees of separation that everything from a work/project/networking point of view can be linked back to Cycle to MIPIM.”
Chris Atkins, Managing Director, Symmetrys

To continue getting the most of your networking with Club Peloton long after the ride has finished, why not take a look at our new membership, which lets you keep in touch using the members’ directory and attend exclusive networking events:


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