Legal & General Real Assets Cycle to MIPIM: L&G riders’ highlights

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As legs recover and feeling returns to sore derrieres, it is time to reflect on the best bits of this year’s Legal & General Cycle to MIPIM.

Here are some of the thoughts of headline sponsor Legal & General Real Assets’ riders:

Christopher Adams, Project Development Manager:
Diary of a new MAMIL and first time rider on Cycle to MIPIM
“As the saying goes ‘Experience is something you need the moment after you need it,’ and Cycle to MIPIM is six days of experience that you really need.
How does it feel before the ride and training for the ride? Nervous but exciting. There are so many opportunities to train with your fellow riders and Ride Captains, which is a must as part of the training.
At the start, I was really nervous and it’s best not to think of what’s ahead…
During the ride – amongst new and old friends all living the highs and lows as the days and miles get clocked off. You are never alone and whatever you want and look to achieve on the ride, there is the support of a whole team of people dedicated to making that happen, be they Ride Captains, mechanics, sports therapists and other support staff providing endless coffee and nutrition at stage stops. The speciality stage stops of French pastries and the pizza stop on day 4 are worth riding too!!!
Don’t count the miles or how many stages you are doing or plan to do, as with the logistics and support of the Club Peloton team you will always achieve more than you think possible.
At the end of the ride – after six days of being with a team of lycra-clad property professionals came the surreal experience of riding along the La Croisette lined with property professionals in shirts, suits, jackets and ties and thinking they looked out of place!!!
Day after completing the ride – there  are parts of the body glad not to be on a bike.
A week after the ride – waiting for next year’s registration to open up to do it all again.”

Ellie Jukes, Property Strategist:
“I cycle. A lot. I am also ‘Cycle to MIPIM 2016’ alumni; so how different was Cycle to MIPIM 2017 really going to be??
A whole world of different, as it turns out. A new route via Portsmouth / Caen meant more climbing (good) and an overnight ferry journey (bad). Importantly for my sanity, days two and three were not 12 hours of cycling through fields that looked Exactly The Same; the scenery actually changed. Unrelenting sunshine resulted in an unfamiliar non-grey skin tone.
Cycle to MIPIM 2017 was also different because it was my debut as a Ride Captain. An email dropped into my inbox pre-Christmas asking if I would like to be a fabled RC and, of course, the answer was yes. But, wow, was I nervous – so many unknowns! How do you motivate without being patronising? Carry on that very important conversation whilst someone is shouting in your ear that they need a baby wipe? Could I really get away with a team motto of “Ride like a girl?”
I can tell you now that ride captaining is more than just wearing a pink jersey, cramming in a radio earpiece and bellowing ‘HOLE MIDDLE’ at the peloton. You are part mentor, part disciplinarian and a big part friendly face. You are there to bring the good times and to help people out of their bad times. I fed people flapjack, blocked them from the wind and pulled them back into line (literally and metaphorically) when things started to look a bit sketchy. But I enjoyed Cycle to MIPIM 2017 all the more for being a Ride Captain and am immeasurably proud of my team (Portsmouth Team 4!) and the other 168 riders for how they rode over those six days. I now also have a taste for people management (power?), so watch out Legal & General Real Assets…..”

And a final word from Gordon Aitchison, Transactions Director, who’s highlight was:
“When I effortlessly cruised past Bill Hughes on the big hill of the fourth day!!” 


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