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At Club Peloton, we work alongside a number of charity beneficiaries, who benefit from every sponsored ride you do with Club Peloton. We take a look at who they are and what they’re about.

Coram is our main beneficiary, receiving 60% of the funds raised by our challenge events. 30% of funds are distributed between donations to Cyclists Fighting Cancer, Tom’s Trust and Multiple System Atrophy Trust. The final 10% goes into our match funding scheme; this is exclusively for members of Club Peloton who can apply for match funding of sponsorship up to £500 for any non-Club Peloton fundraising cycling event they are taking part in.

Here’s an introduction – or a refamiliarisation – with the three smaller charities we work with.

Cyclists Fighting Cancer

Who are they?
Cyclists Fighting Cancer is a national UK charity assisting children and young people (aged 18 or under) living with and beyond cancer across the UK. Its unique service helps them regain their physical fitness, strength and confidence by awarding new bikes, adapted trikes, tandems and other equipment as well as providing ongoing support.

Their work
Since the charity’s inception, CFC has worked closely with the paediatric oncology units at hospitals around the country. Its Cancer Exercise Specialists regularly visit these units to talk with children and parents about staying active and how to apply for bikes and trikes where appropriate.
Once the bikes or trikes have been awarded, CFC maintains close contact with the families to offer ongoing exercise advice and support, through treatment and into recovery. They monitor how the children are progressing and will upgrade equipment to support their requirements through childhood.

Working with Club Peloton
“We are very excited for the opportunity to be working alongside Club Peloton who have generously pledged to support the work of CFC over the next three years. Our specialist at the National Cycle Centre, Manchester, provides unique adaptions for kids with amputations following bone cancer treatment, and members would be welcome to get involved with this process. We also hope that Club Peloton members will be able to witness the difference our awards make to young lives first-hand by personally helping to adapt bikes and/or being at a trike or bike handover in their local area.”

The Tom ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust

Who are they?
Tom ap Rhys Pryce was robbed and killed by two teenagers on 12 January 2006, as he walked home from Kensal Green underground station. He was 31 years old and due to get married in September of that year. A few weeks after Tom’s death, his parents (John and Estella), Adele (his fiancée) and Linklaters LLP (the law firm at which Tom worked) established a registered charity in the form of a trust, as a lasting memorial to Tom and to ensure that as much good as possible comes out of his tragic death.

Their work
The objectives of Tom’s Trust are firstly to provide educational and vocational training opportunities to disadvantaged children and youths in the London area, who might not otherwise have access to them, in the hope that they can achieve their potential and lead rewarding lives. It also helps to help tackle and prevent the root causes of violent gang culture and violent street crime.
Tom’s Trust is purely a funding charity, with no overheads (everyone volunteers their time for the Trust) so all the money raised is used for the various projects. Being independent, the Trustees can select projects which they believe will be really effective.

Working with Club Peloton
“Club Peloton is now a major benefactor to Tom’s Trust and as a result we have been able to increase our grants to £10,000 a year for three years for a number of projects which we feel are especially effective in helping children and young people to achieve their aims and aspirations. We have promoted the cycle rides among Linklaters’ cycling fraternity, several of whom have taken part.
“We are extremely grateful to Club Peloton for its continued support, which makes a significant difference to our annual income. The need to reduce the level of knife crime in London is greater than ever, and we are doing everything we can to prevent it by educating children and giving them alternatives to gang membership and street crime.”

Multiple System Atrophy Trust

Who are they?
The Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) Trust’s vision is a world free of MSA, and their mission is to find the cause and cure for MSA. It may not be something that’s done soon, but they try to support people affected by MSA and strive to ensure that they are not alone on their individual journeys.

Their work
The MSA Trust supports 41 groups around the country where people can meet with MSA Nurse Specialists and volunteers to talk about their concerns. It also funds a Nurse Specialist Service operating across the UK and Ireland, offering information and training to healthcare professionals.
The MSA Trust also maintains a website containing more than 25 factsheets on all aspects of living with MSA, as well as a telephone and email support service that responds to around 10,000 emails and over 2200 calls per year.

Working with Club Peloton
“The funds from Club Peloton are vital to our work and we really appreciate the support shown by the cyclists over the past years.  Our specific thanks must go to Peter Murray, a former Trustee of both Club Peloton and MSA Trust who first encouraged the Cycle to Cannes riders to raise funds for us.
“So our hats are off to Club Peloton and the amazing riders who raise funds, which they kindly use to support this charity and others.  Without your dedication to the ride, we would not be able to do the work we do.”


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