Legal & General Real Assets Cycle to MIPIM 2017: riders’ highlights

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As legs recover and feeling returns to sore derrieres, it is time to reflect on the best bits of this year’s Legal & General Cycle to MIPIM.

Here are some of the highlights from this year’s peloton:

Gary Elliott
Managing Director, Elliott Wood Partnership Ltd
The pain in my shoulder from the previous day’s fall came nowhere near the envy that I felt as I witnessed the peloton disappearing in to the early morning mist on day 3 of the Club Peloton ride to MIPIM.  Unfortunately a piece of metal in the road and the resulting dive in to the tarmac truncated my ride towards the end of day 2 with a broken scapula.  So very frustrating as this promised (and I understand turned out to be) one of the best years since the ride began some 12 years ago.  This would have been my fifth time on the event and I love it.
Whilst there might be moments on the ride where I question my sanity for taking on this challenge again, the sense of camaraderie and achievement soon put paid to any doubts I might have!  I will be back!  Having seen more of France than I had intended, via a trip to Paris and the Eurotunnel back to the UK before flying back out to MIPIM, I managed to get to the finishing line to see the many sunburnt and exhausted riders cross the line.  Well done to all of them, a fantastic effort again and only sad that I was not with them for as much of the ride as I had intended.

David Hutt, Gleeds
This was the best ‘Cycle To’ that I have been on so far… the organisational logistics are slick, and Club Peloton, as a team, are infectiously enthusiastic. The camaraderie was even better than before and it was really noticeable how many riders decided to do more than their allotted stages.
I have the same regrets: not enough sleep, and why didn’t I do enough training (!) but the joy was being with a remarkable group of people doing something extraordinary – together.

Edward Cree
Director of Asset Management for Canada Water at British Land Real Estate Limited
Ed rode in the Broadgate Estates team, along with his colleague Ted Bowler from Broadgate Estates.
An extraordinary thing bringing camaraderie, sweat and property people together for six gruelling days. No time to take photos, drink coffee or view the magnificent vineyards in a 30 mph Peloton. A magnificently well organised event with all the support you could possibly need from mechanics to accommodation; food to sports therapists, leaving just the cycling and gritting of teeth to the 90 strong riders.
There were some extreme low points in terms of energy and fatigue but always with the knowledge that at the end of day 6 it would be over with hugs, cheers and beers. Poignantly however the children Coram do such amazing work for to find a ‘forever family’ don’t have the same comfort that the emotional pain will one day all be over.

Angus Monteith
Development Director, McAleer & Rushe
It is a brilliant event. The professionalism of Club Peloton and the camaraderie amongst the riders on the road make it extra special.  During long days in the saddle we forge friendships through adversity and we gel to become a ‘band of brothers’ who for years to come will give each other a knowing nod having cycled 1,500kms in 6 days.  I very much hope to be back doing to again soon.

Will Monk
Partner, Knight Frank LLP
From my perspective on my sixth time on the ride, it certainly seemed to me to be the best ever, great people, fantastic new route but that may have been the power trip of running the Route Nouveau on the road!!

Henrie S Westlake BSc MRICS
Partner, Capital Markets, Knight Frank LLP
2017 was my first Cycle to MIPIM. It was a truly incredible experience to cycle the length of France on closed roads with a fabulous group of people. I have a million wonderful memories and some great new friendships. The organisation was absolutely exceptional. I was about to say it was a once in a lifetime experience……but let’s see what next year brings!!!

Nick Clare
Head of Project Management, JLL
The Cycle To MIPIM is a very special experience, which we are proud to be associated with. It is amazing to see how a disparate group of people, linked through the industry, come together and develop into a close knit community over the course of those miles. The helping hands are not only physical as the stronger riders help those that need that little push, but ultimately it is the children of Coram that are the winners.

Anna Beckett
Webb Yates Engineers
Having spent the last year injuring myself by crashing my bike, Cycle To MIPIM was always going to be a huge challenge but the support of the other riders, the Club Peloton team and fellow Webb Yates cyclists helped to make it an experience I will never forget. Yes, it was hard, both physically and mentally, but it was an amazing experience – one I would definitely recommend to anyone working in the property industry.


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