About Us

CLUB PELOTON is a grant making charity that specialises in using cycling as a way to build business networks within the property industry. It uses challenge events to bring together a love for cycling with business networking and the opportunity to raise money for great causes. Its main beneficiary is Coram, the UK’s first dedicated children’s charity.

In 2006, Club Peloton set out on its first adventure with Cycle to MIPIM, a now annual ride from London to Cannes arriving in time for MIPIM, the leading international real estate fair. Every year, 100 or more riders from the property industry complete the 1,500km challenge in six days. In 2016, this increased to 200 people across two routes completing the journey and raising even more money for charity.

Following the success of its flagship event, Club Peloton launched Cycle to MAPIC for the retail property industry. The route differs every year, departing from a European city (usually in Italy or France) and heading to MAPIC, the international retail property fair in Cannes. This ride takes four days and covers around 700km, giving those in the retail property industry a great opportunity to spend time with business colleagues old and new to build relationships and achieve something amazing together.

Club Peloton also organises pedElle, a charity challenge aimed at women in property, and offers riders a different European challenge each year in late spring. The 2016 ride saw 25 women in property riding 435km from Salzburg to Venice over three days and this number doubled in 2017, when 50 women cycled from Porto to Lisbon.

All Club Peloton events allow industry professionals to swap their business suits for lycra and build much stronger relationships by beating tough challenges together. With marshalled roads, lead cars, support crew and vehicles, sports injury specialists and mechanics, this is the closest an amateur cyclist can get to riding like a professional. The friendly and interactive atmosphere builds camaraderie very quickly and forms the core of the Club Peloton ethos.